I believe in making time to reflect, find your own voice, and unwind
When sharing sweets I always take the bigger piece.
I believe accomplishment is more important than beauty.
I am obsessed with Fun funky colorful socks. But, they must always match… I’m not insane.
My cats are never up before 9am and insist I sleep-in with them.
My “porn” is a gallery of cute animal pictures and stories.
I still snuggle my childhood blanket
My Facebook feed is mostly adoptable old dogs, kittens and bike-packing.
I believe in declaring your adventure. I named my three bikes Freedom, Independence, and Princess.
I love my cats more than people… and I really love people.
I believe boundaries are meant to be pushed.
I believe in following your heart because you know better than anybody else where you should go.

I'm Jamye


Nature is both my playground and my church.

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