7 Ways to Give your Wedding Guests a Great Experience

Obviously your wedding day isn’t about your guests, however it is always nice to hear that your friends and family who you love a whole lot (and possibly traveled a great distance) had a good time.  Here are some ways to ensure they have a fun day with you!

1.Hire a band or an awesome DJ

Wyoming Wedding Band

This can be an investment, but it is well worth it!  A band can get your guests out on the dance floor and if they prefer not to dance, it is still entertaining to watch. It is also a way to make your wedding more unique!

2.Plan out your day


A good timeline is crucial to the success and management of stress for your day.  If you want some tips on this, you can check out this blog about what time to start your ceremony in the Tetons. A well-run day probably won’t be noticed by your guests, however if they don’t get dinner for a long time because you are personally dismissing all 30 tables or the outdoor ceremony starts 45 minutes late and it is 98 degrees out, they will definitely notice.

3.Have alternative activities

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Some guest will dance the night away, however some would prefer not to, so consider having a photo booth, candy bar, smores bar/fire pit, or games like corn hole!

4.Consider not having the party go all night

It can be incredibly awkward if no one is on the dance floor and it seems like people aren’t enjoying themselves.  If you have a ton of things to do and not a super long reception, your guests will most likely stay until the end and you can avoid that awkwardness.  It also allows everyone to be there for your grand exit.

5.Give out of town guests a welcome basket

Jackson Hole and Wyoming in general has so many unique things about it. From local craftsman making cool belt buckles to the amazing wineries, it wouldn’t be hard to put together a memorable and fun gift basket. If you need some ideas, check out this article!

6.Have a signature cocktail

This can be a cost saving option over an open bar, but is still fun and unique! It is also a great way to personalize your wedding. Use local berries as garnish or your favorite Wyoming whiskey to make it even more local and fun!

7.Ask for song recommendations

Whether it is on the RSVP card or a glass jar on the table with paper nearby, this is an easy way to get people on the dance floor and having a good time!

What are some things that you have seen done at weddings that you loved? Let me know on my last Facebook post!

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