5 Reasons to Have a Winter Wedding

I love winter weddings. The snow, cozy blankets, and pure white makes it all feel like a fairy tale. Here are some reasons you should consider getting married in the winter.


  1. Change from the typical wedding fare

winter wedding desserts

winter wedding dessert table

Want soup at your wedding? That wouldn’t be weird in the winter!  Who wouldn’t love a hot chocolate or coffee bar! There are so many ways you can make this cute and original.


  1. With a white backdrop, any color of wedding attire looks great!

winter wedding bridesmaids

colorful wedding dress

If the majority of your photos are being taken in a heavily-green area, it limits what your bridesmaids can wear.  However, in the winter you have a great white backdrop making different color dresses a gorgeous option that won’t look like “too much”.


  1. You can ski!

skiing in the tetons in a wedding dress

skiing in a wedding dress

If you are a ski lover, Jackson Hole is the place to get married! There are stunning venues and it is near Grand Teton National Park.  AND you can go skiing!

  1. More flexibility

winter wedding venues jackson hole

jackson wedding venue

winter wedding wyoming

Since fewer people want to get married in the winter, most photographers and vendors in general have more open days and therefore more flexibility. You can also sometimes get seasonal discounts by opting to get married in the “off season”.


  1. It’s a gorgeous winter wonderland!

winter elopement

The most obvious reason is because Jackson Hole in the winter is absolutely stunning. I’ll let the photos do the talking…

winter jackson hole elopement

winter wonderland forest wedding

winter wedding jamye chrisman

Grand Teton wedding in the winter


Obviously, you must love winter and be open to any kind of weather, if you decide to get married during this season. You have to also be not set on what you want in terms of pictures. If it’s a snowy day, there is a good chance you won’t be able to see the mountains, however trees are a great backup and I know of many spots that will get you out of the wind and still capture your winter wonderland.  Give me a call to discuss this great option!

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