Moose Creek Ranch | Krista + Matt

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I met Krista and Matt last summer when I had the opportunity to do family photos for them and their son Holden; This family is the cutest! This sweet couple decided to tie the knot on 8.18.18, 2018’s most popular wedding date! Their special day was full of love and family. I loved how they intertwined their sweet little boy in to the ceremony as well.

Krista’s dress was very unique and handmade by Montana Dreamwear. She did the makeup on a shoot many years ago for Montana Dreamwear and hoped one day she would have a custom-made wedding dress created by them; Her dream came true.

Krista’s dad Dewey surprised Krista in his Datsun. This was the car that he had when he took Krista’s mom on their first date. He fixed it up and gave it a new paint job to drive his daughter to the ceremony site. The whole day was incredibly unique and so fitting for them! I loved being able to celebrate the unity of their family.

The Details:
Caterer: Spoons
Cake (Rafaella Cuellar)
Hair: Bernadette Gwilliam (Frost Salon)
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