Top 5 Wedding Traditions and Where They Originate From

Have you ever wondered why people do a ceremonial cake cutting or toss the garter to the bachelors?  Here are where these traditions originate from and may help you decide if they are right for your big day!

1.Cake Cutting

Ashton Idaho Heritage Farm Gathering Place Wedding

It used to be just the bride who cut the cake, but over time it became a joint effort that symbolized their union and promise they made to one another.

2.First Dance

jackson wyoming first dance

When their was a ball or special event at the palace, the guest of honor would be the first to dance to symbolize the beginning of the party. This tradition was taken to the wedding scene. In the day of the Queens and Kings they would usually dance a waltz and this slow dance has continued to prevail even to this day.

3.The Garter Toss

garter toss jackson

garter toss

This tradition has quite the back story. In the Dark Ages the guests would wait outside the bedchamber until there was proven evidence that the marriage had been consummated. Over time, the garter became a symbol of good luck and men at the wedding would try to take it off the bride. To avoid this, the garter toss became a tradition and it is now believed that whichever bachelor catches the garter will be the next to wed.

4.Something Blue

Grand Teton Wedding Ceremony something blue

We have all heard the saying “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue”. We can gather the importance of the first three, but the fourth seems a bit out of place.  The bride is supposed to get something new to represent her future with her husband, something borrowed from someone who is happily married in the hope that the good fortune will come to her, and the color blue represents fidelity and love.

5.Seeing each other before the ceremony

first look jackson wyoming

first look jackson wyoming

This tradition dates back to the time of arranged marriage when couples did not see each other before their wedding day. It was believed that it would be “bad luck” to see the groom/ bride before the ceremony in fear that it would cause them to change their minds. Typically, in western culture, courtship precedes the wedding and the couples have chosen to spend their lives together. This opens up the opportunity to opt for either the traditional or for a new custom like the “first look.”

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