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Jackson Lake Lodge

Alexis and Kevin grew up near each other, but never met until they eight years ago when they spent a summer working at Jackson Lake Lodge.  Since this is where it all began, they knew it would be the perfect place to have their ceremony.

I met them a year ago when they came out to look at venues and have their engagement photographs taken. We had a wonderful time shooting stunning photos amidst the beautiful Tetons.  It was so fun connecting with Alexis and Kevin before their wedding day! When I entered the room in which Alexis was getting ready for her wedding day photos, she greeted me with the biggest hug!  One of my favorite things about being a wedding photographer is all the amazing connections I get to make with the couples! In case you need a reminder of who this gorgeous couple is…

Now, on to the wedding.  I pulled into the parking lot to be welcomed by a big crack of thunder and the skies that opened up with rain. Most brides would find this situation to be less than ideal, but Alexis embraced it, and without hesitation said that we will keep the wedding outside!  The whole ceremony was absolutely gorgeous and the clouds even lifted so we could see the majestic Tetons.  Guests made their way outside with umbrellas and within minutes of being seated, the rain completely stopped. The wind died. Even the sun peeked out making the perfect entrance spotlight for Alexis walking down the aisle.  Brides ask me all the time about what to do if it rains. Honestly, it tends to work out 90% of the time. There is usually a break in the rain at some point and that is when all the magic always seems to happen!

One of my favorite parts of the ceremony was the tree planting. I love the symbolism of combining what is yours into one and having it grow together as your relationship grows. While they were doing this, I was thinking of all the rain that landed in the dirt before the ceremony. Now they have a tree that they will take back home to California, watered with the Rain of the Tetons…where their love began.

The Details:
Hair/makeup : Jackson Parlour 
DJ/photo booth : A&B Productions
Caterer & cake : Jackson Lake Lodge
Wedding Programs : Xowyo Paper + Press
Officiant: Larissa Lovato-Hoch – Godmother of the Bride
Jackson Lake Lodge Ceremony

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