8 Ways to Make Your Wedding Day Stress-free

Many brides go into wedding planning excited, and that quickly changes to stressed.  Although there can be a lot to prepare and think about, the day of should be stress-free and fun!  Here are some ways to help you have a stress-free wedding day!

  1. Hire a wedding coordinator (or have a good friend be a personal attendant)

If you can afford it, a wedding coordinator/ event planner is a great option, especially if you are eloping in the Tetons and don’t know what is available.  If you would rather go with someone whom you know, consider asking a friend to be your personal attendant. Personal attendants may have received a bad rep, but I truly think it is still an honor. This person can assist you throughout the day with making sure you eat (so many brides forget to do this) and bringing you water during photographs.  To be able to assist the bride on her favorite day is a privilege and something she will always remember. 

  1. Take a day off work the week BEFORE the wedding (as well as the whole week prior if you can)

This day can come in clutch. Most likely you will take the Thursday and Friday off before your wedding, but it is a great idea to take the Friday prior to this off as well. There is so much to do the few days prior to the wedding.  If you give yourself a work day off a whole week before, you will have time to fold the programs, pick up the wedding band, finish the favors, and make some last minute changes, without feeling rushed and stressed.

  1. Find someone ahead of time to bustle your dress

This could definitely be a cause of stress on your wedding day, so don’t let it be!  Find a friend to go with you to your last fitting and learn how to bustle your dress so you are ready to dance the night away.

  1. Take some time with just you and your husband

Grab your new husband and enjoy everything around you – the scenery, each other, and your crowd of supporters.  These family and friends have traveled to celebrate you two, recognize that and enjoy a special moment with just the two of you.

  1. Have someone grab your memorabilia as well as your detail shot items

Gather all of the items needed for detail shots and place them together.  Assign your personal attendant or wedding coordinator to supply these to the photographer. At the end of the night, have this person collect all these goods for your future scrapbook or memorabilia box. You don’t want to worry about collecting your program, monogrammed napkins, menu etc. on your wedding night!

Grand Teton Family Portrait

  1. Create a shot list for family photos

This will greatly help your photographer and also make this frequently stressful time, more efficient.  It will also ensure we don’t forget anyone!

  1.  Have good timeline

Give a diligent “day of duties” to the wedding planner or trusted friend.  That way you can relax and simply enjoy the day!

  1. Keep in mind what is important

At the end of the day, the goal is to marry the love of your life. Keep this in mind when anxiety starts seeping in and remember that tomorrow you will be a married woman with a new hubby!  

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