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jackson hole wedding

jackson hole golf course wedding

This wedding was so sweet and all the details made it a dream!  Jillian made her vintage-chic wedding a reality by integrating charcoal grey, blush pink, champagne, and gold in many of the details.  From the wedding invitations, to the table placements, to her satin bow, everything was tied in so intricately and beautifully.  One of my favorite details was the three wedding dresses of your family members on the dress stands. I loved how you incorporated the past in to your day. It made it so unique and special.

Austin and Jillian, it was so wonderful to meet you.  I knew from the beginning you would be a fun couple when we bonded over our love of cats You two are so sweet and your wedding was absolutely stunning. Your day reflected your ‘Happily Ever After’ theme so well- it was a great representation of your life together.

The details:

Coordinator: Krissy Zinski from Destination Jackson Hole

Floral Designer: Jennifer Wilhite from Snake River Flowers

DJ: Liam Tallaferro from DJ Capella

MC: Keith Brock

Videographer: Alden Faust from Tower 3 Productions

Caterer/ Venue: Jackson Hole Golf & Tennis

Cake Designer: Albertson’s

Makeup/ Hair Artist: Katie Miller from The Loft Hair Studio

Dress: Oleg Cassini from David’s Bridal

Shoes: Macy’s

Jewelry: Macy’s & David’s Bridal

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