Proposing in Grand Teton National Park | Wyoming Wedding Photographer

I love shooting proposals and especially if the Tetons are involved! The excitement and anticipation is so fun for me, the groom, and eventually the bride to be. After shooting numerous proposals over the years, here are my top tips for you to nail it!

1. Personalize it

Proposing in Grand Teton National Park

Is skiing the thing you and your partner love to do together? Let’s go to Jackson Hole and take some photos on the mountains! Do you have a favorite location in Wyoming? Set up a picnic there and I will hide out in the trees! One gentleman had a custom card made and put it in her favorite store! It was such a unique and personal idea. Whether you love to hike, bike, or canoe, we can figure out a way to incorporate it into the proposal.

2. Have a good plan for you and the photographer

I need to know more than just when and where to meet. It is extremely helpful to have a photo of you two or what you will be wearing so I can find you if it’s a busy place! The exact location where you plan to drop to a knee should be decided on ahead of time.

Proposing in Grand Teton Jackson

3. Plan an engagement session after the proposal

You already have the beautiful location and stunning backdrop so you may as well knock out some engagement photos! I have done the proposal and then engagement session right after, however I would recommend scheduling it for the next day. There’s a lot of emotion and I think it’s nice to have her be able to process everything. In addition, she gets to pick out her clothes for the shoot.

4. Plan the time based on lighting

Engagement Grand Teton National Park

Don’t worry, I can help you figure this one out! I know when there will be good lighting according to the time of day and the location so we will discuss that together and work out a plan!

Feel free to bring champagne to celebrate! And if you need more ideas, keep scrolling and check out some other engagements I shot!

Proposing in Grand Teton National Park | Wyoming Wedding Photographer
Grand Teton Proposal JAckson
Grand Teton Proposal JAckson Hole

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